February 15 - April 15

Hosted at New Leaf Initiative in partnership with Lion Launchpad and the Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor.


Elevate exists because we don’t want only your ideas to thrive, we want you to thrive too. For five years, the New Leaf team has loved helping people who strive to create meaningful work with a positive impact.

We've seen that leading a life of your own design brings complex risks and relationships. To tap your fullest potential and thrive in this work requires knowledge rarely offered in State College.

Fortunately, we have a few wise friends across the country. We’ve invited leaders from flourishing innovation cultures like San Francisco; Boulder, CO, and Asheville, NC.

They’ve walked the walk and want to offer more than talk. No lectures here. Come for interactive, immersive experiences that transform your ability to create impact and live well.

Elevate has two parts.

Elevate Workshops

Available to all. You can sign up for only one or every one. We want to spread these vital skills and work styles across the region. If you liked our Seed School sessions last year, you’ll love Elevate. Attendance is capped to ensure an intensive event, so sign up at the end of this site to hear when tickets are available and claim your seat!

The Elevate Fellowship

Available only to Penn State students, by application. New Leaf is often known for our entrepreneurs but we’re intent on supporting a strong ecosystem with thriving creatives, tech whizzes, social change leaders, and more. If you’re intent on doing the work that matters most to you, join us.


A community of peers where you’ll belong, have a blast, and get support as you grow.

Access to workshops with nationally recognized facilitators.

Exclusive dinners with each facilitator.

One-on-one advising to help take bold next steps.

A coworking membership at New Leaf to turn your insights into impact.



Core Areas


It’s easy to fall into the same safe patterns of action (or inaction). Avoiding risk and discomfort limits possibilities. Learn how to cultivate the courage to live fully.


Connecting deeply is important…but how? Lacking the skills for strong bonds, people suffer and teams split. Learn how to form real, resilient relationships.


Success ends fast if you’re too stressed to sustain it. Instead of wishing for more time, learn how to make the most of your days and spend more time on what you love.

Spring Workshops

All workshops will have limited public seats for purchase. Dates and descriptions coming soon.

“How to Be a (______) Person”
by Will Wise

Wednesday, February 17 5:30-7:30

What do you wish were in that blank? Curious…courageous…kind? This hands-on session will explore the social intelligence that we are rarely taught but expected to know. You'll gain new tools for forming strong bonds in your life and step into the person you want to be.


“How to Form a Jedi Council”
by Matthew Abrams

Wednesday, March 2, 5:30-7:30

Who do you have to guide you? Key to gaining vital mentorship is identifying what matters to you and making a good ask to those who can help you attain it. You'll identify core values that shape your purpose and design an advisory council to guide your journey.


“How to Be Your Own Mentor (and Your Best Friend’s)”
by Alan Webb

Wednesday, April 6, 5:30-7:30

In this workshop, we will invite you to meet and develop a relationship with your inner mentor, evoke the wisdom of the great mentors you have had in your life so far, and learn some practical tools you can put to use right away. You will also be invited to form ongoing peer mentoring relationships with other partners (if you want)—or to simply begin the practice with yourself—using the Wayfinder Kit, which is designed to take you on a guided journey into the wilderness of your own Why and How.


“How to Manage the Modern Violence of Overwork”
by Michael Williams

Wednesday, April 13, 5:30-7:30

Feeling overwhelmed? Not enough time in the day? Trying to juggle too many things? In this workshop we will interactively explore some timeless and simple practices that will help us not succumb to the pressures that lead to the "Modern Violence of Overwork" yet still accomplish extraordinary results. Michael Williams, a successful serial entrepreneur and facilitator with the Center for Courage & Renewal will lead this workshop in hopes that we can rediscover the urgency of slowing down.